Art by Carlo
Christopher Carlo
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Powder Room Mural, Chicago, 2007
Based on the patrons remembrances of the 1931 Art Deco murals by Charles Stafford Duncan in the 
Oakland, California Paramount Theatre.  
The completed Mural dimensions are 7‘w x 6‘h.
Done in Acrylic on a high gloss black wall.

About myself.

   The watercolor of white wine and cherries to the right is a painting my Grandmother did in 1915.  She was my first teacher.  Our family has more than a few accomplished artists in all generations.  Aunt Ethel, Aunt Mary, Uncle Eldon, and my Mother are very artistic.  My cousins Charlotte, Philip, Don and Terie are amazing creators.  As for myself, I was an o.k. painter and unaccomplished artist in high school and college.

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree in City and Regional Planning from the School of Architecture at the University of California Polytechnic at San Luis Obispo.  Not exactly an art degree.

    Work took me into restoration of old homes in Chicago.  A 1908 Edwardian Two-Flat, a 1913 Town House, and a 1929 800-seat Movie Theatre.  Once you’ve restored a movie theatre you had better run some movies so my partners and I became independent Movie Theatre operators (1983-2005) of the Music Box Theatre in Chicago.  I became adept at faux finishes: fake marble, fake stucco, fake wood grain...    The entertainment business is 18 hour a day 365 days a week so there wasn’t much time for painting for 22 years.

    After an early retirement I returned to art and what you find herein is the result.